A Remarkable Journey from Adversity to Success


Growing up in a deprived area of East London, I faced limited opportunities, and like many, I unfortunately fell into the trap of succumbing to my environment

I started my journey at rock bottom, with no job, no ambition and the only source of income being a meager £40 per week from government benefits. 

What’s frightening is that I was happy in that reality, spending my days smoking weed, socializing with friends until the early hours of the morning, without any aspirations for achieving more

Then, I received a lifeline from my elder brother, who managed to secure a job for me within a health club in the city.

Changing my environment and surrounding myself with different people brought a new sense of responsibility and purpose into my life. 

Starting out working at the reception, I quickly ascended the ranks. 

And within just two years, I progressed from receptionist to front-of-house manager, then to operations manager, and eventually to acting club manager

However, this newfound sense of accomplishment also brought about a realization. 

While I had higher expectations for life, I knew that being a manager of a health club would not provide the lifestyle I now knew was possible

I then allegedly found myself taking ten steps backward, making poor choices that led me to follow the crowd, veer off track, and potentially risk my freedom

However, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, and this chapter of my life taught me some extremely powerful lessons that were all necessary to lead me onto the path of personal and spiritual development

Having witnessed close friends go to prison over the years, I knew that this wasn’t a path I wanted for myself. 

So, I made a conscious decision to direct my energies towards a more positive direction, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey and founding my first company “Gemini Parking Solutions”

15 years later it’s safe to say my life has been transformed!

Having refined my entrepreneurial skills and developing the necessary expertise, I successfully invested and built businesses spanning across the tech, property, and hospitality sectors in both the UK and abroad

After scaling Gemini nationwide, achieving multi-million-pound revenues, and earning recognition through prestigious industry awards and features in publications such as Forbes, The Sunday Times, and Executive Magazine

 I made the decision to relocate with my family to Bali, Indonesia, entrusting my management team that I’d built, to oversee day-to-day operations. 

After spending a year in Bali, I then felt it was the right time to sell Gemini Parking Solutions along with a second company I’d launched called Y-Pay, ultimately exiting for an undisclosed multi-million-pound figure

During this period, I also authored my book, ‘The Success Rebellion.’ and It was through the process of writing this book that I came to the realization that it was time for me to embark on the next stage of my journey. 

This next chapter involves guiding and empowering entrepreneurs like you to elevate your businesses. 

My life goal is now to assist other business owners to overcome the hurdles, pitfalls, and challenges inherent in entrepreneurship, enabling them to scale their companies to million-pound revenues and ultimately EXIT for that multi million pound pay day 

So now, I live in Dubai with my beautiful family, committed to sharing my expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Through mentorship, coaching and a powerful community I aim to empower others to achieve their goals and realize their full potential both in business and life.

So, if you’re a business owner grappling with challenges in certain areas of your business, or if you aspire to scale your company to seven-figure revenues or achieve your dream of successfully exiting your company, then click here for more information.

“The idea that you have to have big investment, huge teams, or know the right people in order to be successful in business is absurd. I started my business with under $5K, on my own, in an industry I knew nothing about let alone having contacts in the right places.
I had many challenges, including those due to my own mental barriers that had to be broken to succeed in this game.  
But I was determined to win and, eventually, I was able to exit my company, selling to a competitor for a substantial multi-million dollar figure and am now enjoying the fruits of my labour living an amazing life with my family in Dubai.”
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