A Remarkable Journey from Adversity to Success


Having grown up in a deprived area in East London with little to no opportunities. I fell into the trap of succumbing to my environment. I started my journey at the very bottom, with no job, no goals with my only source of income being a mere £40 per week from government benefits. Like many of those around me I was living a life that was a million miles away from who I was.

I saw those around me working jobs they hate, to pay for products they don’t need, to please people that don’t count and worst of all they had been conditioned to call this reality life. I knew I was destined for more than this but just didn’t know how.

This chapter of my life taught me some extremely powerful lessons that were all necessary to lead me onto the path of personal and spiritual development.  Empowered by this new discovery I then committed myself to develop the right mindset as well as cultivating the correct habits that enabled me to break free from my limitations. I then channeled my energies into a new positive direction, embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, founding my first company.

12 years later it’s safe to say my life has been transformed. Adopting a new values-based approach my company now leads its sector, winning prestigious industry awards and turning over millions of pounds each year. Both my experience and expertise have also helped me to invest and build other businesses in tech, property and hospitality in the UK and abroad.

I am also blessed to regularly feature in business and lifestyle publications such as Forbes, The Sunday Times and Executive Magazine sharing my expertise and insights on business and personal development.

After releasing my book “the Success Rebellion” at the end of 2020, I knew it was time for me to begin the next stage of my journey and help other business owners level up so that they too can live life on their terms.

Having followed my dreams and moved with my family to Bali and now Dubai, I want to help other business owners awaken their potential so that they too can achieve the life that they desire.

The road to success can be extremely rocky but having someone beside you who has already made the mistakes, overcome the challenges, and has come out the other side in the place where you want to be… is priceless.

Having a dream is one thing but having the courage to follow it through is another.

So what is your dream?

If you could create the perfect life what would it be?

Life has taken me on an amazing journey all because I refused to allow my circumstances to dictate my future.

Now it’s time for you to dictate yours.

You are the creator of your dreams!!

“The idea that you have to have big investment, huge teams, or know the right people in order to be successful in business is absurd. I started my business with under $5K, on my own, in an industry I knew nothing about let alone having contacts in the right places.
I had many challenges, including those due to my own mental barriers that had to be broken to succeed in this game.  
But I was determined to win and, eventually, I was able to exit my company, selling to a competitor for a substantial multi-million dollar figure and am now enjoying the fruits of my labour living an amazing life with my family in Dubai.”
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